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Information for schools and any other organizations (public/voluntary/private)

On the citizen section it is possible to find the detailled explanations and instructions for planting trees. The explanations
explained there apply to any subject, such as schools but also associations, companies, foundations and so on.
Here we are going to talk about some these collective entities (named, for the sake of brevity, stakeholders) which, as well as the individuals, may take part or promote the gift-a-tree project.


The schools can not only encourage their municipality to undertake the project, they may also establish - individually or with other schools- specific days of environmental learning for the students. For this purpose, they may be helped by the town office responsible for education or environmental issues, or by environmental groups, volunteers, or groups of parents.

The opportunity to plant a tree, to understand its biological development and interaction with the ecosystem through first-hand experience, it is certainly an experience of great value for any student but especially for the citizens of tomorrow.

The educational days can be arranged for students of all ages, and the subject will then be studied more or less deeply.


The local environmental associations can encourage the municipalities to undertake the gift-a-tree project, which has a quite clear environmental goal.

In addition to the environmental value in itself, the project represents a chance to get people closer to nature, through a first hand experience, i.e. planting a tree. This way, people learn or improve concepts of ecology. Even with a small project the educational value is important.
Apart from encourage the municipalities to embrace the initiative, environmental associations can make a contribution by giving one or more trees, and also by taking part in the organization and coordination of the project, helping with practical tasks and providing ecological information.


Of course any other associations such as voluntary, neighborhood or cultural associations or foundations can support “gift-a-tree” by encouraging the administration to undertake the project.
These associations might be interested in dedicating a tree to their founder, to a leading figure, or encourage their members to give a tree as if there were citizens (see section No 2 “tree dedicated to…”).

In addition to a direct participation with the trees, associations can offer - if they wish - an active support, in terms of organization and practical help, of course in agreement with the town hall.


Companies, or any economic entity, spanning from a shop to an industry, can of course join the initiative, giving the trees in their own name, in the name of their employees, or just to the community. If requested and appropriate, they may also sponsor the initiative in the ways and methods agreed with the municipal administration.
A company can also donate its own green space to the community or when it is a big company, implement and manage the project by themselves.