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Gift a tree is a non commercial - no-profit initiative. Its sole aim is the dissemination of ideas and the promotion of a culture of care for the natural environment, which is so vital to our existence.

The package of proposals here explained is not only thought as a toolkit for planting trees by  citizens. Similar projects have already been made - often very well - in many places of the world, through initiatives undertaken by town halls, environmental associations or companies, for a whole range of reasons.

What differentiate the gift-a-tree initiative
is on the one hand to make freely available a methodology for the municipalities that wish to undertake a gift-a-tree project. The methodology provides tools, practical insights, explanations with a problem solving attitude. In fact highlighting problems and possible solutions, avoid organisers to start over the project, each time, from the very beginning.
On the other hand, the gift-a-tree website offers to the public and all stakeholders, some good reasons for planting trees, so as few ideas to push local authorities to take action.

Summing up, gift-a-tree website just wants to group all the salient and relevant information in a systematic way while providing some useful (and usable) knowledge. The final purpose is the promotion of the tree as a means to improve our quality of life and increase our environmental awareness.

The design and implementation of the project is by 
piero morseletto who can be contacted (using the e-mail within the link) for recommendations on any written issue, for any improvements or any addition / expansion to the website. Even those who wish to report some interesting initiative that took inspiration from these pages, are equally invited to get in touch with piero.

licenza creative commons The content of this website is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 license (i.e. the content of this web site can be displayed, used and distributed freely as long as it is clearly mentioned the source and the author; any commercial use is forbidden).

A special thanks goes to the Environment Programme of the United Nations "
The billion tree campaign,". Gift-a-tree encourages people to support the UNEP Campaign by registering trees at the plant page of the campaign.

Finally, another special thanks for helping to build the site and its contents, goes to SC and SC, for the naturalistic section features, F.d.C for web design reccomandation, and greatly to D.M. for the English version. This site was inspired by the birth of CW and by the thought of G.F.