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‘Gift-a-tree’ is a non-commercial initiative. Briefly it is a ready-made, easy-to-implement project available to municipal councils, citizens and whoever is interested in all matters green - specifically trees. The idea is quite easy: to create a public space in any town, urban or built environment where trees of the people can be planted for the enjoyment of all.

The global campaign by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) "The Billion Tree Campaign", that gift-a-tree encourages and from which received formal endorsement, describes tree planting as crucial to the well-being of the planet. However, before we can gift a tree, we need to find a public place in which to plant our trees.

This website is designed to both promote the creation of such a space and provide the means to implement the project. Here you will find all the information and guidance you need to set up the project, whether you represent a municipal council or just a regular citizen who wish to join the project, or who would like to propose it to a town council.

As well as the numerous environmental benefits provided by trees through the ecological and aesthetical aspects they contributes towards our well-being and quality of life, this initiative will also enhance and enrich the natural heritage of our living spaces, at almost-zero-cost.


All that is required is an area open to the public where citizens can plant trees. The reasons for planting can be personal and are certainly diverse: a special occasion like a birthday, or because they care for the environment or want to reduce carbon dioxide or simply wish to gift themselves a tree. The requirements for the area are very few an are explained in the town hall section of the website.

Thanks to every tree planted, an urban oasis is gradually created. At the end the area would become a true, living garden with few rules other than the various individual and collective benefits gained by the entire community. With little cost, trees can dramatically improve the quality of life and the environment and, at the same time, improve the environmental heritage of our cities and urban spaces.

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In the case you want to contact gift-a-tree, please go to the initiative section.